5 Ways to Get Quotes from New England Insurance

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The insurance professionals at New England Insurance completely understand that in most cases, the need for an insurance ways to get quotesquote is event-driven. We know that things come up in your personal or business life that triggers a need for an immediate quote for the coverage you require.

Because the need for an insurance quote or advice is typically a last minute task that must be completed, we have developed five ways that you can make contact with our office so we can meet your needs quickly and effectively.

Stop By Our Office

Considered by many to be the old-fashioned way of doing business, our clients and prospective clients are always welcome to come by the office and speak with an insurance professional. Please see below for our address and office hours.

610 Brooklawn Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604

Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM or by Appointment on Saturday

Call Us
 We love speaking with clients and prospective clients on the phone. Call us during business hours and we’ll be happy to offer insurance advice and provide a free and confidential quote.

Email or Message

We understand your need to make immediate contact and to get your questions asked and answered. Feel free to email us at: Nick@newenglandinsurance.com or send a text message to (203) 367-2222.

Web Contact Form

Another efficient way to contact one of our insurance professionals is to visit our web page and click on “Contact Us”. Simply scroll down to the contact form and tell us what you need.

Get a Quote Today!

Upon visiting the New England Insurance website you will see a form on the right side of the page (computer) or at the top of the page (mobile devices). Simply complete this very short quote request form and one of our insurance professionals will start working to provide the best quote possible for any insurance needs that have come up. Try it, it’s fast!