Contractors Insurance

Contractors insurance is what allows you to focus on completing your projects safely … without worrying about a potential crisis.

Contractors Insurance in Connecticut

Every job, every work site, every client. Make sure you’re covered.

When you walk into a client’s home, you’re bringing years of experience, a friendly smile, and your expensive collection of tools and equipment.

They’ve hired you for your expertise, and you’re here to do a job. It sounds simple, but what happens if something goes wrong?


Here at New England Insurance, we always encourage contractors to protect themselves — and their businesses — with contractors insurance in Connecticut.

So what does contractors insurance include? You might require …

● Commercial auto insurance to protect your work vehicle and those who drive it
● Business property insurance to protect your commercial building and equipment
● Professional liability insurance to protect your reputation in the event of a dispute
● General liability insurance to protect you in the event of an accident
● Workers Compensation insurance to protect your employees while they’re on the job

You make a living with your skills and equipment, so you need to protect your livelihood as a contractor.

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We’ll help you determine the best level of coverage for your needs, so you can continue to focus on your work.

How Do I Get Started?

Working with a broker at New England Insurance is easy!

Here’s a brief overview of how we work for you to get the best coverages and carriers in the state!


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Our staff strive to be active and involved in our communities and industry.

In 2016, Nick Khamarji, Jr. was elected President of the Professional Insurance Association’s CT Young Insurance Professionals.

More Types of Insurance

At New England Insurance, our brokers work with any and all types of insurance coverages.

Ask us about any type of insurance and we’ll be sure to get you the best information to best serve you!