Vacant Home Insurance in Connecticut

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vacant home

Many Connecticut property owners own homes that may be vacant from time to time. A vacant home presents additional risks that an occupied home doesn’t. This is typically the reason most homeowner insurance policies contain specific language regarding the coverage for homes that remain vacant for 30 days or more, especially if there is no one checking on the dwelling … Read More

Top Ten Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

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Christmas decorations

We all hear the stories about folks who suffer injuries and property damage during the holiday season. It’s undoubtedly the worst time of the year for accidents to happen, especially accidents that could have been prevented by following some logical safety tips that are offered every year as a result of accidents that took place during the prior year’s holidays. … Read More

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

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workers compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance (workers comp) is designed to protect workers from the expenses associated with workplace injuries or illness. Typically the coverage requirements and rates are set by each state where business is conducted. In most cases, the injured employee will receive benefits no matter who is at fault for the injury or illness as long as it is found … Read More

The 4 Best Reasons To Consider a Personal Articles Floater

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valuable belongings

Although the contents coverage in your homeowner’s or renters policy provides some coverage for your valuable belongings, the coverage is limited and fairly narrow in scope. Many families have personal belongings that they may have purchased or inherited that need to be sufficiently covered if they are damaged due to a covered peril or stolen. 1.    Homeowner’s and Renter’s Policy … Read More

5 Ways to Get Quotes from New England Insurance

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get a quote

The insurance professionals at New England Insurance completely understand that in most cases, the need for an insurance quote is event-driven. We know that things come up in your personal or business life that triggers a need for an immediate quote for the coverage you require. Because the need for an insurance quote or advice is typically a last minute … Read More

Why Aren’t My Insurance Rates Going Down?

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hands over car insurance rates

It used to be back in the 90s that every time you renewed your auto insurance, you would receive a renewal discount as long as you had no claims and no traffic tickets. This was especially true if you carried only liability coverage. Not so much anymore. Today, in many states, vehicle owners can expect their insurance rates to increase … Read More

Market Value versus Replacement Cost

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connecticut home

When you purchase a standard homeowner’s policy, your insurance professional will ask various questions about the home to help them determine the replacement cost or value of your home. Many homeowners are concerned that their home is insured enough to cover the balance of their mortgage and do not understand that in most cases, the mortgage value falls short of … Read More

Medical Payments – The Best Kept Secret

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medical payments

During my time selling auto insurance, I was always amazed when the question of medical payments (med pay) came up. It surprised me when someone in their 40s who has been buying auto insurance for many years, would admit to not having any idea what Medical Payments coverage is. They would usually admit that they never asked, and the agent … Read More

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Cyber Liability Coverage

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cyber liability

Requests for Cyber Liability Insurance are at an all time high compared to the last five years as they should be. The security of every network is at risk despite continuous efforts to safeguard valuable and sensitive data. This has become even more evident as the media responds to cyber attacks aimed at government organizations who can hire the best … Read More

2016 Hurricanes – If You're Near the Coast – Prepare

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2016 hurricanes

All of the weather-related news sources are on the same page when it comes to the 2016 Hurricane season that runs from June 1st through November 30th. Internet search results reveal all the usual suspects advising that 2016 will be active for storms in the Atlantic Residents of Connecticut need to understand that “active” means “active” and nothing else. But, … Read More