Nick Khamarji, Jr.

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Nick Khamarji, Jr.

Principal Broker

Nick Khamarji, Jr., agency principal, received his Bachelor’s degree inBusiness Management and Administration from Sacred Heart University in 2010 and, soon after, started the agency now known as New England Insurance. Nick holds both his Property & Casualty License and Life & Health Insurance Broker License since 2012.

Aside from looking out for his clients’ insurance needs, he spends his free time inspiring others to network through the Professional Insurance Association, specifically, the young insurance professional’s division for which he has been the Vice President since 2014. He also spent some time as Co-chair for Ganim for Bridgeport which focuses on open government, accountability, and transparency. To help with all of his clients needs, Nick earned his Notary license in 2015. In his spare time, Nick is a competitive runner and participates in two 5K runs each month.

In June 2016, Nick was humbled to be named one of Fairfield County’s 40 Under 40 Honorees. This distinction is awarded to leaders in many industries in Fairfield County and recognizes outstanding individuals for the active roles they play and contributions to their fields of work.

What do you value most with your insurance policy?

The most important parts of an insurance policy are the broker you work with and the carrier that provides coverage. A good broker advocates for and ensures their client is well-covered by their policy and situates them with a good carrier. A good carrier is going to provide coverage that will cover the risk well ansaab-900-turbo-buying-guide-and-review-1978-1994-4922_12532_969X727d provide good claims service.

What was your first car?

My first car was a 1994 Saab 900s which I bought in 2004. It’s still my favorite car that I’ve owned.


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In 2016, Nick Khamarji, Jr. was elected President of the Professional Insurance Association’s CT Young Insurance Professionals.

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