Renters Insurance

Protect your clothes, furniture, jewelery, and electronics with Connecticut renters insurance.

Renters Insurance in Connecticut

Residents of Connecticut who are renting their home, apartment or condo should consider purchasing renter’s insurance for three very important reasons:

renters insurance


1. Your landlord’s insurance does not provide coverage for your belongings if they are damaged or stolen.
2. Your personal belongings are at risk of damage from fire, windstorm, and burglary or theft.
3. You, as a renter, are liable for injuries to a third party that happen on or in the property you are renting.

Coverage Provided

• Personal Property (Contents): Anything you own or lease within your rented residence is considered personal property. These are items like furniture, clothing, electronics, and appliances that are not attached to the structure. Your renter’s policy will pay to repair or replace your personal property if they are damaged by a covered peril, subject to your deductible.

• Personal Liability: This coverage pays if a named insured (you or another resident) is found liable for injuries to a third party that occur in or on your rented property. Many landlords require that you carry this coverage and add them as an additional insured.

• Medical Payments: Similar to personal liability, medical payments coverage will pay for injuries to a third party, but proof of liability is not required. Typically, this coverage takes care of expenses resulting from minor injuries.

• Loss of Use: Typically misunderstood by policyholders, the loss of use coverage is a valued benefit that pays if you or your family must relocate temporarily while the residence you are renting is under repair.

• Optional Coverages: Depending on your insurance carrier, most renter’s policies offer optional coverages such as scheduled personal property (expensive jewelry and art), credit card protection, and identity theft.

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